Most Common Bite Problems

A number of bite problems may affect the way that you chew, eat food, talk, and of course, the confidence that you have about yourself. Bite problems become evident in children as young as six years old. It’s important to visit the dentist or better, an orthodontist, to learn more about bite problems and the most effective treatment options available if you suspect a problem. Regular dental care is a good way to minimize the risks of bite problems becoming bothersome.

Among the most common types of bite problems a child or adult may experience include:

·    Overbite: An overbite is a malocclusion that causes an overlap of the lower and the upper teeth. This is a common condition that is oftentimes accompanied by TMJ (a painful jaw disorder). A variety of treatment options are available.

·    Underbite: An underbite causes the lower teeth to stick outward above the top teeth. This is less common than an overbite, but nonetheless a common problem that is especially bothersome for those affected.

·    Excessive Spacing: If there is a large gap between your front teeth, it’s known as excessive spacing. While not every patient visits the dentist for the problem, most find the condition worth treating.

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·    Crossbite: A crossbite is a common childhood dental condition. It doesn’t correct itself in time like some of the other conditions may. Luckily, a number of treatments may provide help if fast treatment is sought. A crossbite occurs when teeth are closer to the jaw in either the upper or the lower set.

Luckily, orthodontic treatment middleboro resolves the above bite problems and many others. But, it’s up to you to schedule that appointment and get the proper oral care that you need. You get just one shot at a great smile. Make it count!