Clean Shave And A Good Cut With The Barber

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Barber? What’s that? Or have you forgotten? The barber is not a dying breed, you know. In fact, many a fine distinguished gentleman prefers his good cut and hot towel shave los angeles ca ritual. That, on any fine day, is better than going to the hairdresser. Hairdressers, really, are for girls. Boys go to the barber for a haircut.

And when they’re older, they can have a good towel shave too. Beauty parlors are for the ladies. The men, those that know their distinction, go to the barber to have their nails buffed and polished.

Think about it readers. Can a hairdresser fix you up with a classic beard and mustache or one without the other? Certainly not. Only a barber knows how. And how he will shave you, now that’s a classic.

No, no razor or blade or electric shaver, those bathroom implements you’ve been using all along. But how about this. A really sharp blade. No need to fear this. If the barber is well worth his talcum powder, there will be no nicks or cuts forthcoming. And that’s the thing about these really sharp blades, the irony of it all.

It shaves a fine side closer and better than a ‘modern’ electric razor will ever be able to do. So much for modern technology. Not by a long shot is the barber a dying breed. The cosmopolitan barber remains as popular as ever. Those that are still around, having been around the block a few times, one wonders. One wonders how many treatments have been given to famous politicians, movie stars, certainly sports stars, heck, even gangsters.

How many of those have been at the mercy of the mighty barber, the stories he must have heard too.