An MRI for You

Your doctor has ordered a scan for you to see what is going in inside of your body and you need to get it done. You may be having some trepidation about getting an MRI because you think it is going to be done in a tight tube. In some cases, this is true but that does not have to be the case. There is a type of MRI that is done in open space so you have nothing to worry about.

A Better MRI

open MRI scanner

An open MRI scanner allows you plenty of space to breathe and feel open while you are getting this very important scan. Instead of being in a tight tube for the scan, you will be in an open field that is just as good. It is the same scan and it has the same resolution as the regular MRI but it is just not all closed up.

It is important that you get this scan done so it is a good thing there is an open version available. The MRI generally produces a better image of soft tissue than a CT scan or a digital x-ray. It is one of the only scans available for diagnosing soft tissue issues besides the CT scan.

Highly Accurate

One thing you should know about the MRI is that it is highly accurate. Your doctor ordered this particular scan because they decided it would be best for you under the circumstances. They determined that it would show what needs to be seen so the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.

Getting Answers

You need to be sure you get the right answers for what you are dealing with and this MRI is likely to give the doctor all the answers they need so you can get the answers you need. Soon, your condition will be determined.